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And again, no sony, because sony don't allow to publish stats about their sales. This is part of sell-contract, so almost all sellers can't say word about sony dslr. I wonder how it will look full list.

That is not true. Sony cameras are listed and shown, it is just that their DSLRs are too many and not very interesting in the current market. They rarely make the top 25 but there's usually half a dozen of them in the Top 100. I simply don't post the full top 100 because it is harder to read and produce. See examples of Sony's outside the Top 25 here: http://dslrs.1001noisycameras.com/2010/04/sunday-april-18.html for example.

You can also find plenty of Sonys in the overall Top 100: http://cameracharts.1001noisycameras.com/

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